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    Sunset - Tina Davies Sunset Pigment Collection

    Undertone:  Warm, light value, golden pigment with an orange base. Can be used on its own or as a warm-modifier.

    Use:  Clients that have strawberry-blonde hair, cool skin tones, or need colour correction and want light warm-brown to golden blonde. Can also act as a warm modifier for any colour.

    Colour corrects:  Faded orange, red, green, purple & grey PMU.

    Suitable skin types:  Fair, pink or beige skin tones.

    Fitzpatrick:  1-2

    Why you need it:  Great for neutralizing ruddy, cool undertone skin by itself or on light - medium ash/grey brows that want to achieve a warmer light brown.


    This colour has been tested by the CTL and passes the stringent tests described in Resolution ResAP(2008)1. The Resolution ResAP(2008)1 is at present the most stringent test on the market for Tattoo and Permanent Make Up (PMU) products.

    About CTL:

    CTL GmbH Bielefeld is a world-wide leader in this field and has been conducting tests on Tattoo Colours and Permanent Make-Up since the last decade and issued certificates are renowned all over the world.

    Click here for our Pigment CTL Certificate

    The ingredients are a combination of pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, aqua, rosin, benzyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. Our pigments are gamma ray sterilized, vegan and also cruelty-free. All ingredients can be found in the MSDS link below. 

    Click here for our SUNSET MSDS